Every Friday, grades 2-5 gather for Middle Meeting where the weekend's Gospel reading is read and discussed. This meeting is run by a woman of deep faith and a master story teller. This gifted teacher is able to connect to the students in a profound way and the children respond to her teaching. Middle Meeting prepares the children for the upcoming Mass by helping them to understand the Gospel reading and the pastor's homily. Pre-K - 2nd grade also have their own version of Middle Meeting. Meeting monthly, the children learn about ... Service is an important part of the St. Patrick experience. The 8th grade students participate in St Thomas Aquinas High School's day of service. Our middle school students pitch in and help with all the events that take place within the school. Charity also plays an important role int he school. Each grade has a monthly dress down day that they organize for the charity of their choice. By donating a dollar or more, a student is allowed a non-uniform day. The proceeds go to the class's chosen charity. There are many other charity events for which the students raise money during the year; special appeals, disaster relief, and favorite class causes.