Math Curriculum

In 2015, the school updated the math curriculum in all grades to strengthen student experience with mathematical language and conceptual understand through problem based learning.  The enVisionMath curriculum by Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley was selected for Kindergarten through grade 5 and Go Math by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Both programs support students learning through a variety of instructional approaches and include resources for teacher to personalize math instruction for students.  Teachers collaborate to ensure optimal skill growth year over year. Our curriculum is structured to lead our graduates into honors level math courses in high school.


Elementary Language Arts Curriculum

Our Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes use the StoryTown Language Arts Curriculum from Harcourt School Publishers. StoryTown is a K–6 Reading/Language Arts program with a “2+2 then Review” instructional design for skill and strategy development, plus differentiated instruction that meets the needs of all students.   Beginning in 3rd grade class room focus turns to chapter books, read as a class and independently. Books are selected to expose students to a variety of genre, strengthen their vocabulary, examined to understand the components of literature, and often selected to integrate with social studies topics the students are learning. 


Elementary Spelling

Grades 1 – 5 utilize the Everyday Spelling curriculum from Pearson to build writing and vocabulary skills.



St. Pat’s uses the Blest Are We curriculum for the classroom instruction. Our second graders are prepared for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist as part of the curriculum as well. Additionally we have a school wide Virtues program that highlights a Virtue (e.g. integrity, peacefulness) each month that serves as a special theme and is woven into activities and conversations in and out of the classroom.


Performing and Visual Arts

All classes, pre-school through grade 8, attend music class and art class weekly. Additionally our middle school students benefit from a partnership with Portsmouth Music and Arts Center (PMAC), who develop spectacular enrichment opportunities for our students.  Each spring, we have a major drama production open to students in grades 2 – 8.



St. Pat’s has a long history of offering Spanish class for our students beginning in Kindergarten. Most of our graduates go on to easily place into Spanish level 2 and are equipped for honors classes in high school. This year we are thrilled to partner  with a local language program, One World Language, who bring additional instructional resources and expertise in language education for our students.


Physical Education

All students have weekly physical education classes that expose them to a variety of formal and informal physical activities, games, and sports. Grades 5 – 8 use Portsmouth’s Connie Bean facility and Leary Field for class.  Additionally we offer a three season extracurricular sports program for students in grade 4 through 8.