The Saint Patrick School Community thanks the Corpus Christi Parishioners

Saint Patrick School held it's annual Corpus Christi Parishioner "Partnership in Catholic Education" appeal in the Fall of 2013. The appeal asked parishioners to assist the "parish school" by sponsoring our students, faculty, student enrichment programs and/or utility costs for the 2013-14 school year. With Fr. Gary's support and blessing, the parishioners donated nearly $30K to the school. The school is blessed to have such generous support from our Parish Community. We thank you all!


What makes Catholic education special?

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Happy St. Patrick's Day to All!

Please enjoy the following article from St. Pats parent Jan Henderson:  "Where Every Day is St. Patrick's Day"


Saint Patrick School expands progams, faculty members

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Bishop Labasci at St.Thomas

Bishop Labasci celebrated Mass at St. Thomas Aquinas High School on Jan 31. Sister Mary Jo and Father Gary were there to represent St. Patrick School and Corpus Christi Parish. Below is a copy of the STA online article.

Most Reverend Bishop Peter Libasci celebrates Mass at St. Thomas

In addition to Bishop Libasci, we were also pleased to have the Reverend Andrew Cryans of St. Thomas More Parish in Durham, the Reverend Gary Belliveau of Corpus Christi Parish in Portsmouth, and the Reverend Marc Montminy of St. Michael Parish in Exeter assisting Bishop Libasci in celebrating Catholic Schools Week Mass.

Also attending Mass, were our very own Sister Georganne Pearson, Sister Catherine Goodell and Sister Mary Jo Walsh, Principal of St. Patrick School in Portsmouth, NH.

In his homily, Bishop Labasci made an impassioned plea that as anointed children of God, we must strive to be our best selves--to live our best lives. And, for each of us, as Catholics, to look at our lives in the light of God; to glorify Him, to listen to Him with our hearts- to move in the direction of living out our faith to do the right thing.

During Mass, St. Thomas students presented Bishop Libasci with gifts representing Catholic School’s week theme of faith, academics, and service, all central to the mission of St. Thomas Aquinas High School.